From Humble Beginnings to a $260K Gift Box Empire in One Year: The Inspiring Journey of a First-Generation Caribbean Entrepreneur

Olive Grey and Company Founder Transforms Family's Talents into a Thriving Business, Making Waves in Corporate and Personal Gifting

June 1, 2024, Crofton MD

Michell Ratcliffe has always been the go-to person for everything in her family. At 19, she immigrated to the USA and started her career in the food service industry with Compass Group (Eurest Dining) at the Pentagon. Just two weeks into the job, she experienced the tragic events of 9/11 when a plane hit the Pentagon. Despite her many challenges, Michell was assigned as a manager within three years. She used this same tenacity and commitment to launch Olive Grey and Company.

In just one year, Michell Ratcliffe, a first-generation Caribbean woman, turned her family's talents into a $260K gift box empire. OliveGiftco, a pillar of Olive Grey and Company, is set to revolutionize gift-giving art. Their warehouse, which acts as a storefront and production space, opened in November in Crofton, Maryland. "Our gift boxes are more than just items; they express love, care, and recognition," says Michell. "We aim to pass joy, appreciation, and love through every gift box we create."

OliveGiftco has earned the trust of prestigious clients such as Wells Fargo, SHRM, SFPD Safe, Capital One, Mass Mutual, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Gilbane, and 3dPRmarketing. These partnerships underscore the company's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

"We needed a last-minute gift, and OliveGiftco delivered on time with high-quality items. The personal touches, such as the handwritten card, made all the difference," shares Donald Hohmeier. "Their attention to detail and quality blew me away," adds Sydney Weaver. "I've used OliveGiftco three times, and each time, the boxes have been a hit," notes Holly Holland.

Services for Ideal Clients: To capture the attention of HR managers, VPs, technology leaders, hospitality executives, and more, OliveGiftco offers the following services:

  1. Corporate Gifting Solutions: Tailored gift boxes for employee appreciation, client recognition, and corporate events.

  2. Employee Onboarding Packages: Welcome new hires with personalized and thoughtfully curated gift boxes that reflect your company culture.

  3. Customizable Event Gifts: We offer bespoke gift boxes for conferences, trade shows, and company retreats designed to leave a lasting impression.

  4. Holiday and Special Occasion Gifts: Exclusive gift boxes for holidays, anniversaries, and milestone celebrations, ensuring your team feels valued year-round.

  5. Subscription Gift Boxes: Monthly or quarterly subscription boxes for ongoing employee engagement and client appreciation.

But Olive Grey and Company is not just about gift boxes. It operates under four pillars: OliveGiftco, Olive Grey Kitchen, Auntie for Life, and Boxing to Success. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and exceptional customer service, Olive Grey and Company aims to make a lasting impression across all its endeavors.

The name "Olive" in Olive Grey and Company honors Michell's grandmother, who is known for her grit and kindness. "She had a stubborn determination when doing things for others. The 'grey factor,'" Michell explains, "comes from my belief that life is not just black and white; there are grey areas full of possibilities. This philosophy is the foundation of Olive Grey and Company." This legacy of resilience and generosity is at the core of Olive Grey and Company's mission. "I don't see failure; I see possibilities," Michell asserts.

Olive Grey and Company embodies the "grey factor," where possibilities emerge from challenges. "The four pillars were birthed from my challenges and are nurtured by the 'grey factor,'" Michell explains. The four pillars offer the following services:

  1. OliveGiftco: Curated high-end, thoughtfully crafted gift boxes.

  2. Olive Grey Kitchen: Authentic Trinidadian cuisine.

  3. Auntie for Life: Encouragement through Michell's journey and insights.

  4. Boxing to Success: A coaching platform for other gifters.

Summer Workshop Promotion: To expand the "grey factor," Olive Grey and Company will offer Summer Workshops. Olive Grey Kitchen will cater the events, offering delicious new dishes and popular favorites from Trinidad. Register by June 21st and receive a 25% discount on your second gift box. Join one of their Summer Workshops and experience the "grey factor" firsthand.

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