3 Ways Client Gifts Can Outperform Client Dinners

Since the advent of COVID, business meetings over dinners are no longer feasible, but giving clients meaningful gifts may often achieve the same, if not more, results.

Although businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars on client meals, they often shy from the concept of giving clients presents worth $100.

As someone who has long been convinced of the value of gift-giving, it never ceases to amaze me to hear businesses be reluctant at the idea of spending more than fifty dollars on a gift for a client, even though that client may be responsible for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, either now or in the future.

When preparing for a meeting with a client, I frequently ask, "How much are you willing to spend on dinner with a client if you had the opportunity? Would it be an extravagant supper that would most likely set you back a couple of thousand dollars?"

In-person time spent with clients is undeniable of the utmost significance; however, it is not necessarily more impactful than sending a thoughtful gift delivered at the appropriate moment. Because hosting client dinners and events is no longer even a possibility in this day and age, again, thanks to COVID, companies are more essential than ever to formulating effective gifting strategies.

Aside from COVID, there are several other reasons why giving thoughtful gifts to clients can result in a return on investment that is even higher than the traditional dinner. Let's talk about three of them, shall we?

1. Clients can become tired of meetings, but no one ever tires of receiving gifts.

Business dinners used to be a common source of grumbling amongst my former coworkers; whether they were chefs or managers in the restaurant we were working at before I founded Olive Gift Co. Even while we joke around, have a good time at such dinners, and maybe even get a little tipsy, we get shouted at on Monday mornings because our stats and statistics were below expectations. Our value is solely based on monetary factors, which is not the case. So, we dread these formal meetings knowing we will get scolded on Monday morning.

A seemingly endless stream of invitations was sent ourway because everyone wanted a piece of our attention, but after a while, they stopped being all that exciting, and eventually, they all lost their luster. They tend to be tiresome, and it is not fun to be in those meetings. At that time, we needed an appreciation for all the hard work we'd done the past few days or weeks. A small self-care kit to say "thank you" would go a long way. Because who doesn't want to soak in a hot tub while using soaps scented with lavender? It's like hitting two birds with one stone since it calms the body and soothes the mind.

2. Gifts are more effective than dinners at spreading positive feedback about a business or organization through word-of-mouth.

Giving a client a present is always appreciated. As fallible as we are, there are times when we are going through a difficult moment in our lives, and it could be something that we are hiding from those closest to us or something they are aware of. Sometimes all we need is some quiet time to practice much-needed self-care and bring our emotional health back up to par when We are scrubbing our body with a scrub that smells like flowers and almonds or soaking in a tub filled with the soothing aroma of gardenia blossoms.

3. Gifts, as they often come as a surprise, will be more likely appreciated and remembered.

In many cases, clients expect to be treated to dinner. In all likelihood, the wonderful meal and lively conversation will be forgotten the moment the hectic routine of work resumes the following day. Except for Christmas, however, gifts are typically quite unexpected, increasing the likelihood that the recipient will both appreciate and share the news with others. In general, the recipient of an incredible gift expresses greater appreciation.

No matter what industry you work in — Hospitality, Healthcare, Customer Service, or Marketing industries — we know that your hands, feet, and mind are the tools you use to carry out your daily activities, so here at Olive Gift Co, we have curated boxes that will meet your needs and provide the kind of relaxation that you need after a long day.