Snack Care Package
Snack Care Package
Snack Care Package
Snack Care Package
Snack Care Package
Snack Care Package

Snack Care Package

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Snack Box
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Why settle for the ordinary when you can embark on a flavorful journey around the world with our Snack Care Package? Filled with snacks from fight here in USA and international delights from countries like China, Japan, Trinidad, Germany, Korea, and England, it's the perfect treat for your friends, family, and college students with an adventurous palate! 🌍 Order one delicious snack at a time today and show your loved ones how much you care. 🌟

USA Snack Care Package:
Introducing our USA Snack Box, a taste of America in every bite! 🇺🇸 Get ready for a mouthwatering experience with a variety of 10-12 snacks straight from the heart of the USA. From classic cookies and gummies to indulgent chocolates, crispy chips, savory jerky, irresistible candies, popcorn, and more, each box is packed with a delightful assortment of American favorites. Order now and treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate snack adventure!🎉

Trinidad/Caribbean Snacks:
Indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean with our Trinidad/Caribbean Snack Box!🌴 Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with a curated selection of authentic snacks straight from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands. Each box is a delightful taste of island life, from spicy plantain chips to exotic fruit candies, coconut treats, and much more.🌟

International 2:
Why limit yourself to the ordinary when you can take your taste buds on a thrilling global journey alongside your loved ones? Experience the ultimate adventure with our International Snack Care Package - a fusion of diverse flavors handpicked for the intrepid explorer in you! 🌍 Embark on a culinary voyage spanning Trinidad, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, and England, with each box curated to surprise and delight. Every box includes a refreshing drink or two, subject to availability. Treat yourself and your companions to an unforgettable taste expedition today! 🌟

What's in the box?
USA box is filled with 10-12 snack items (including a drink to match the color theme)
Trinidad/ Caribbean and International boxes will include 8-10 items (including a drink)
All items are packaged carefully and selected by our team. 🌟

College Students
Friends/ Family
Just Because Gifts
Anyone who is Adventurous

12" x 12" Clear Scrapbook Case (Subject to Change)
The crates can be used afterward to store college and craft items. 

Deliveries typically take between 3-7 business days to arrive via standard shipping. This includes the processing time to prepare your box. There are express shipping options available for both domestic and international deliveries.

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